Peterbilt is pleased to announce the introduction of the Rapid Check program across the Peterbilt dealer network. Rapid Check is our commitment to evaluate and provide customers with feedback regarding their service related issues within 2 hours of check-in at a Peterbilt dealership. Upon communication of these findings, the dealership will work with the customer on a repair plan and scheduling the needed repairs. Too often, customers wait many hours and sometime days for a service provider to look at their vehicles. Long waits and downtimes cause loss of revenue and dissatisfaction for our customers. Rapid Check is designed to provide prompt communication to customers so they know how to disposition their loads and are aware of the time frame their vehicles will be operational. This communication allows customers to make better decisions on the scheduling of their drivers, vehicles, and loads.


We have a fully equipped and modern facility with clean, well maintained service bays.


Our factory trained and certified technicians routinely take care of preventative maintenance items, in addition to major component warranty work on most models of heavy and medium duty trucks. Whether your truck needs a simple oil change or major work, our service team has the skill, knowledge and the latest technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle.


It is our goal to provide our customers with top quality service in the quickest time because we know downtime equals lost money.










On-Site Preventative Maintenance Services are offered from all of our locations.


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